1133 E. 10th Street

2617 Carr Street

926 Magnolia

Examples of affordable homes we have built and sold:

1272 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402


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Phone: 423-668-9804        Fax: 423-668-9806        E-mail: revans@cchdo.org

Text Box: CCHDO Staff
Roya Evans, President & Executive Director
JoAnn Ankar, Accounting Director

Honorable Manuel Rico, Board Chair
LaMonte Vaughn, Board Co-Chair
Rev. Ron Cook, Treasurer
Dr. Tammy Garland, Secretary
Justin Alper, Director
Peggie Kilpatric, Director
Judy Schwartz, Director
Mike Neely, Director
Peter Palmer, Director
Maurice Bowen, Board Counsel

Chattanooga Community Housing Development Organization

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Building Communities

Text Box: About Us

The Chattanooga Community Housing Development Organization (CCHDO) is a nonprofit housing development organization whose focus is on creation of affordable homeownership and revitalization of low to moderate income neighborhoods in the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Chattanooga Community Housing Development Organization was founded in 1992 and has been committed to providing desirable, marketable and sustainable affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in various communities throughout the city of Chattanooga.  The organization builds Homes, creates hope, and develops economic opportunity for the many residents of neighborhoods within the city of Chattanooga.

We believes in and supports a comprehensive and integrated approach to community building and reinvestment.  

Our organization has been able to successfully promote the assets of the communities we serve by attracting human and financial resources from local, regional and national partners.